Smooth Jazz with Paul Taylor

Join Mr. Paul Taylor “The Bad Man with the Sax in his hand” for an exciting performance that South Bend IN won’t forget. With Over 25 years into a stellar, multi-faceted career that’s found him continually pushing the sonic boundaries of what’s possible in contemporary urban jazz, during his storied career, the Denver native has headlined hundreds of shows and has been part of numerous all-star tours. As a bonus, John Adams High School Jazz Ensemble will engage the crowd for the evening as they keep us entertained by playing some of Mr. Taylor’s greatest hits. Be there to witness an amazing performance and the guaranteed surprises Paul Taylor and JAHS will have in store for the evening. Chicago’s own chart toping Terisa Griffin will WOW with the audience with a stellar performance that you won’t forget! Not to mention, Mr. Don Thomas the Published Poet will dedicate a poem to Homeless and Runaway Youth and Mr. Paul Taylor. Special Guest Emcee for the evening will be South Bend’s own J: Cubed Jazz to the 3rd Power: Cool, Smooth and Hot Karl Smith of WVPE 88.1

By purchasing a ticket funds from this event will support the Anthony Adams House fundraiser.